Allan Johnston

a vulture

writes and erases

writes and erases

its way across

            the sky


loops of “Ohs!”

words in the turbulence

a vacuum behind

            vulture wings, scientists

tell us, ennumerating


                        in the sense

a hot day

            a leaf wags

on a tree

            and this

has no bearing

on the vulture’s flight

down the sky

the idea

the big work


keeps circling

we look up


DSC00835.JPGAllan Johnston’s poems have appeared in over sixty journals, including Poetry, Poetry East, Rattle,and Rhino.  He is the author of five poetry collections (most recently In a Window, Shanti Arts, 2018), and has received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship, Pushcart Prize nominations, and First Prize in Poetry in the Outrider Press Literary Anthology competition.  Originally from California, he now teaches writing and literature at Columbia College and DePaul University in Chicago.  

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