The Beginning

Élida Tato Tedín

The cosmology of the unknown
Unmodern extrapolation of the pure singularity
Stephen Hawking’s eternal Sunshine of the mysterious
Explosion of bodies in the heavenly vault
Stardust of the non-believer prayers
The universe at the feet of the Gods.
Lobotomy of the culture of the underdogs.
The soul of the atoms merging in giant clouds
Expansion of subatomic particles kneeling to Demeter and Hades.

Powerful sour fruits of Eden.
Divine punishments of the eternal inflation.
No direction, no answer, no doctrine for sinners.
No multiverse of poetry for the winners.




Having majored in Literature and Linguistics in Spain and The Netherlands, Élida Tato Tedín is a writer and slam poet. In 2017 she made it to the finals in the Clash of Languages battle by the Goethe Institute and Fountain Poetry.

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