The Rage

Élida Tato Tedín

It’s better to be feared than to be loved
When asked, say you regret it all inside, keep the rage under control.
It’s better to be admired than to be liked
Step your game up and do not swallow
Be the light for their broken shadow
Walk alone and do not expect much
The Ravens have grown and they will claw off your eyes.

Be smarter. Be faster.
Go far. Go fast.
What you are after
Won’t last that much.
Face your demons, kill your darlings.
Everything that does not make you fly weights you down.
Face your demons, kill your darlings.
No need to prove them wrong.
For what I’ve known
they will kill themselves in the battle.
Blood to blood and flesh to flesh.
Flush the fear and embrace the race.
Make allies you will betray.

Flesh to flesh and blood to blood.
Increase the adrenaline until it is odd.
This is your game and you are their God.
Do you feel the pressure on your brain?
The effect is like cocaine
It will eventually drive you insane
Like the click of a clock
It is raging.

Haven’t I told you to keep the rage under control?
You feel it, don’t you?
It’s uncomfortable to keep reading.
But you already knew this feeling.
Isn’t it true?


Having majored in Literature and Linguistics in Spain and The Netherlands, Élida Tato Tedín is a writer and slam poet. In 2017 she made it to the finals in the Clash of Languages battle by the Goethe Institute and Fountain Poetry.

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